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Welcome to PAYBO FORUM

Post by payboforum » Sat Dec 09, 2017 6:11 am

Paybookclub aims to be World's content market place in a few years by providing unique and futuristic solutions for global content creation and monetisation. The Paybookclub platform will provide blockchain based distributed and secure infrastructure and services for networking, publishing and sharing content.
It will include user friendly content display platform, value enhancement, sales, payment and tracking as well as a number of paid services for members and businesses. Please checkout http://paybook.club website.
PAYBO is the crypto currency created by Paybookclub Network for internal transactions and rewarding members for their contribution, which can be freely exchanged in crypto currency exchanges and also mined by members and others.
This Forum is to answer questions regarding PAYBO and to educate how Paybookclub will work based on blockchain technology and crypto currency based economy for the benefit of everyone.
You are most welcome to raise your questions and start new topics for discussion by members and actively participate in the discussions on this board.

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Re: Welcome to PAYBO FORUM

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