Dear Paybookclub Member,

First of all, let me thank you for the confidence and trust you have placed in the idea of Paybookclub.

Let me also congratulate you for signing up as a First million Member. You are entitled for lifetime free membership, one share in the company and a monthly bonus when we are fully launched.

Though we had more than 14,000 downloads, we need to develop the second phase with member payout cycle, to grow fast as a possible challenger for FACEBOOK.

I can proudly report that, as a potential challenger, PAYBOOKCLUB has already caught the attention of FACEBOOK (like in this photo of a Facebook Manager visiting our stand) and APPLE teams, raising the prospect of growing to be the Content Marketplace of the World in a few years time.

The entire FACEBOOK team at the RISE Summit in Hong Kong came to check out Paybookclub

We are now raising funds required to build the second phase to start rewarding the members. Your support is crucial for the growth of Paybookclub. Your active support is even more crucial to convince our investors.

We will attend Web Summit 2017 at Lisbon, Portugal from 6-9th November, which is the biggest tech meet, with more than 60,000 attendees. We hope to meet some potential investors and partners.

It will be great help if you could render your support which we can show to our prospective investors.

Can I request you to log in and keep posting and check out the exciting features we have added?

Can I also request you to invite your friends to sign up . We have built in some nice features so that you can invite people you know easily by a few clicks.

Shred Pillai
CEO, Paybookclub

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