paybookclub is a social network on mobiles. It is conceived to run as an App on any mobile or handheld device with a SIM, operating on iOS, Android and Windows mobile platforms. Unlike other Social Network applications, paybookclub will not Open in any standard Internet Browser. One needs to download/Install the paybookclub APP on a device with a SIM.

However the unique feature differentiating paybookclub from other social networks is that members get paid for their status update with content and for the likes, shares and coments they make on status posts of other members. Members will also get a monthly loyalty reward based on the time they spend on paybookclub.

This will attract massive membership and loyalty for paybookclub, which is designed to cater for all networking and communication needs like, finding friends, chat, voice and video calls, short messages, image and video sharing, file sharing and a host of other features in one place, with security and privacy when required.

In order to ensure bonafide and genuine content and its legal and binding ownership, the identity of members is strictly verified and controlled through a registration process requiring real name data and government issued ID proof and Biometric and other login requirement to on line banking standards.

The payouts and rewards to the members will be financed by a number of revenue generating streams, by protecting and monetising a variety of fresh and genuine content created by the members through their status posts, through direct sale of content, piped out content and piggy back banners on viral content.

Revenue will also be generated through an array of advertising mechanisms like direct public posts, sponsored posts, sponsoring of viral posts. The advertising revenue will be highest standards as advertisers will gain genuine leads who can be contacted further without requiring further consent.

Besides an hoard of revenue generating features will be added like sale of consenting members to celebrities looking out to expand their followership, movie makers who want to test out audience reaction or even release their movies etc.

paybookclub will be built in three different stages, each financed through solicited capital investment, in a classic investment pattern.

Stage -1 Building and Release of paybookclub App for iOS and Android platforms with built in security and encryption mechanisms for enlisting membership with network building tools. Marketing Web presence for the paybookclub APP and Advertiser/Content Buyer registration.

Stage -2 Content acquisition for basic media types, Content monetisation, Content Sales, Advertising Sales.

Networking features like chat, voice and video calls, short messaging etc. Member payout and accounting features. Basic Social obligation features. This Stage will be financed through Venture Capital or Crowd Funding.

Stage -3 Extension of media types, added member facilities, added advertiser facilities, Corporate Customers etc.

This stage will be finance through venture capital/ floating of shares.

Besides direct investment, tie up with a variety of service provides like, cloud services, banking services and management companies also will be explored.

Please download our presentation for Roadmap for paybookclub development and contact us if you are interested to find out more.


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