Early Stage Angel/VC Investment Opp you missed at the Web Summit 2017

Dear Investor,
Now that the madness of Web Summit is over, you may want to take a look at what you have missed. Here is a pitch we would like you to take a look and at the very least, hear your comments as an experienced investor.

In a busy world we all have to live in, it is easy to miss a key fact or two and lose a big opportunity.
Like the fact that you can invest as low as USD 10,000 in PAYBOOKCLUB through SAFE (Simple Agreement For Future Equity) without having to wait for the $ 3 Million round to complete.
Or the fact that PAYBOOKCLUB being a global enterprise built on Mobile phones, your location or country should not distract you from investing in a potential Unicorn.

The entire FACEBOOK team at the RISE Summit in Hong Kong came to check out Paybookclub
The entire FACEBOOK team at the RISE Summit in Hong Kong came to check out Paybookclub

Or the fact that PAYBOOKCLUB has already caught the attention of FACEBOOK and APPLE teams, raising the prospect of early exit through acquisition and hence faster return of your capital.
If you reckon there is some semblance to recent Unicorns like SNAPCHAT in what we have presented, you may want to understand why the revenue generation potential is much bigger in Paybookclub.
Here is a video of Paybookclub Revenue Generation Model.

Please see PAYBOOKCLUB INVESTORS PAGE for more information.
Please download a copy of PAYBOOKCLUB DRAFT SAFE

Please call or text +44 7721170136 to have a chat with our accountants who can explain how you can invest through SAFE right away to secure a stake in a potential Unicorn or to see our detailed 5 years projection, revenue and expense spread sheet and TOS.

Shred Pillai
CEO, Paybookclub

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