Invitation for Unique Mobile Development Project- Phase 2

Dear Developer,
A few months back we sent out an enquiry for PROJECT X which is now developed as PAYBOOKCLUB by the successful vendor and listed in Googleplay and App store.

As a cloud based, AI driven platform on mobile phones for content acquisition and sale, PAYBOOKCLUB is showing a potential to become a Unicorn.

Though we had more than 14,000 downloads, we need to develop the second phase with member payout cycle, to grow fast as a possible challenger for FACEBOOK.

As a potential challenger, PAYBOOKCLUB has already caught the attention of FACEBOOK and APPLE teams, raising the prospect of early exit through acquisition and hence faster return of your capital.

The entire FACEBOOK team at the RISE Summit in Hong Kong came to check out Paybookclub

We are now looking for Mobile developer partners who can bring in Investors for further development of Paybookclub.

Here is video of Paybookclub Investment Opportunity.

Though the Fund raise is for $3 Million, our SAFE (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) allows anyone with a lower outlay to participate.

and PAYBOOKCLUB INVESTORS DECK for more information.
Please download a copy of PAYBOOKCLUB DRAFT SAFE

As developers, you might know potential investors looking out for great opportunity and might want to persuade them to take a look, as you can fully appreciate the great technical features and potential of this venture.

What is in it for you? Well, you can be assured of the next phase development work and a possible share in the equity if you can bring in an investor.

Please call me on +44 7721170136 to discuss further and answer your questions.

Shred Pillai
CEO, Paybookclub

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