Paybookclub, the Content Marketplace of the world by 2020

Paybookclub is a venture by CAPEXSales Ltd, U.K.
Paybookclub aims to be World's content market place in a few years by providing unique and futuristic solutions for global content creation and monetisation.
The Paybookclub platform will provide cloud based infrastructure and services for networking, publishing and sharing content.
It will include user friendly content display platform, value enhancement, sales, payment and tracking as well as a number of paid services for members and corporates
Unlike other social media applications, one will be rewarded for the time spent on paybookclub by valorisation and monetisation of content generated on Paybookclub by its members.
Paybookclub will have the highest level of security by strong encryption of data along with bio-metric login using Fingerprint and IRIS scan.

How will Paybookclub pay you for your content?

paybookclub employs multiple channels of monetising your content like the Content Box which can monetise on hundreds of web sites.

paybookclub will enhance the value of your content by encouraging your friends and the community by cash incentives for their likes, comments and shares, for a natural process of curation and value discovery of your content.

The platform will generate revenue for the Money Pool by multiple channels like advertising to make the pay out for your Content and other rewards.