Invest in PAYBOCOIN ICO (Initial Coin Offering) for 10 times return in a few months.
( White Paper here soon)

PAYBOCOIN - The Crypto Currency of Paybookclub Blockchain based AI platform

If you are seeking opportunity as an investor in ICO, or a Blockchain, Bitcoin, Crypto enthusiast this is for you, if you are willing to act right now.

Paybookclub, a Blockchain based venture, will hold an ICO for its own PayboCoin in the first quarter of 2018 to raise $ 200 Million for future development.

This is not paybookclub EQUITY dilution. Please see INVEST for equity participation.

Here is the break down for our proposed PayboCoin ICO (March-April 2018)

10% of the proceeds will be shared by up to 20 INVESTORS.

Total number of PayboCoin- 10 Billion
1PayboCoin = USD 0.10
Number of PayboCoin issued in ICO - 2 Billion = USD 200 Million

ICO Launch Fund INVESTOR Opportunity :
1-20 Investors Invest in ICO Launch fund of USD 2 Million.
1- 20 Investors share 10% of ICO Raise ($200 Million) = USD 20 Million
ROI on Investment = TEN Times in Months

ICO Launch fund Investors will be allocated Paybocoin atthe best discounted rates if they chose to convert the proceeds to Paybocoins after the ICO.

ICO PROMOTOR (Consultant/Advisor) Opportunity:
1- 50 Promotors (Consultant/Advisor) Investment USD 0 Million
1- 50 Promotors (Consultant/Advisor) Share 5% of ICO Raise = USD 10 Million


Paybookclub Blockchain based AI content monetiing platform

The Paybookclub platform will generate revenue for the Money Pool by monetising user generated content through multiple channels like advertising to pay the members for their time and content.
PayboCoin will be its internal currency.

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