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Paybookclub is built on a social network like FACEBOOK(TM) on mobile phones.

The difference is that members get paid for their posts and for the likes, shares and comments on Paybookclub.

First Million members will also get a share in Paybookclub and a monthly loyalty reward based on the time they spend on the app.

Paybookclub is currently recruiting SPONSORS to spread the message and encourage new members to join the One Million Member drive and sign up with Paybookclub.

We are just starting a ONE MILLION MEMBERS sign Up campaign. So your opportunity as a sponsor is enormous.

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Right now you get a free baklink to the Paybookclub domain. You can sponsor your customers and group members.

All you need to do is to register as a Sponsor and start adding new members to the Paybookclub App with your Sponsor code, issued to you when you fill the form below or when you sign up as a member with the Paybookclub App after registration.

Paybookclub Cash For Content App is FREE and available to download on Google Play and App Store.

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    Each new member who has signed up with your Sponsor Code will be automatically placed in your friends group, allowing you to build your customer/followers base.

    In addition, Sponsors can send out messages to their group from the Paybookclub App, providing a new method to communicate with your sponsored members and customers.

    Paybookclub will reward Sponsors in several ways including shares in Paybookclub, depending on the number of members you will bring to the network.

    How to Register as a Sponsor for Paybookclub

    1) Fill up the form below and submit to receive your Sponsor Code. Note it down and encourage your customers or followers to download the Paybookclub App from Google play or App Store and sign up with your Sponsor Code. They will be automatically placed in your group.

    2) If you have a website or blog Paste the simple code for showing the Paybookclub Content Box on your page or pages. The Paybookclub Content Box will increase your Google Page Rank and encourage your visitors to sign up. You will also get a BACKLINK to your page as your URL will be added to the published list on this site.

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